Marx attributed the fresh capitalist drama to: a good

Hence of your own pursuing the on approach out-of imbalanced progress excellent?

C/(V+S) b. C/V c. C/(C+V) d. Marx had considering a concept of jobless in the context of brand new capitalist system which will keep earnings down or suppresses earnings out of rising even while interest in work increases. What is actually that design titled? Excess labour b. Put aside army of labour c. Around a career d. Concealed jobless Answer: B 75. High rate regarding earnings b. Falling price away from earnings c. Inflationary challenges d. Exploitation out-of labor Answer: D 76. And that of following is not area of the Individual Invention List? GDP per capita Address: An excellent 77. Exactly how many fatalities of kids less than 1 year old per a lot of real time births ‘s the: an excellent. The Gini coefficient is a strategy commonly used to show: a good.

A graphical technique which can be used to display the amount out-of inequality that can be acquired anywhere between one or two details ‘s the: a. Lorenz contour b. Kuznets curve d. The brand new People’s Venture getting Decentralised Think was launched inside the 1996 when you look at the the fresh new Indian state regarding: an effective. Tamil Nadu b. Bihar c. Karnataka d. Kerala Address: D 81. And that of the following explains the word financial progress? Boost in each capita creation b. Boost in each capita genuine earnings c. Monetary innovation are described as an excellent. Architectural change in new economy b. Change in the latest occupational framework c. Both a good and you may b d. None of your own more than Answer: C 83. Which of your own after the explains the expression economic development? Improvement in the technology involved b. Change in creation c.

Change in shipments system d. Every above Respond to: D 84. An enthusiastic underdeveloped economy is actually characterized by a great. High for every capita genuine earnings b. Large ratio away from labor force throughout the tertiary field c. Condition from deprivation regarding highest proportion out-of population d. Every a lot more than Respond to: C 85. Scarcity of money , scientific backwardness and you may jobless are generally included in an excellent. Establish regions b. Underdeveloped nations c. Each other d. Nothing of your a lot more than Address: B 86. Hence of following the indicates an enthusiastic underdeveloped discount? Advanced off inequalities b. Low-level from funding returns c. A relatively closed economy d. The above Respond to: D 87. Investment creation for the underdeveloped regions is a primary bottleneck. Why are an effective. Small-size away from business no extra for resource b.

Low-level of money c. Trial impact d. All the more than Answer: B 88. Advanced level regarding financing-productivity ratio indicates effective the means to access capital. It shows this new yields away from financial support throughout the market an effective. I only b. Hence of your own following the regarding strategy from healthy development is right? Simultaneous money in all groups b. All of the sectors are independent. Both d. Intentional imbalance in favor of certain circles b. Multiple financial support in every circles c. One another d. Nothing Address: A great 91. The concept of PQLI was made by the an excellent. Morris D Morris b. UNO c. UNDP d. Oxford Poverty and you may Person Advancement Step Respond to: A good ninety-five. The latest parameter/s of one’s PQLI try/is actually a beneficial.

Nothing Address: A good ninety

Endurance Directory b. Quality lifestyle directory c. Child death speed d. A good and C Address: D 93. The thought of HDI was promoted by a. Morris D Morris b. Adam Smith c. Keynes d. Mahbub Ul Haq Address: D 94. The latest part/s out-of HDI is/is actually a beneficial. Life expectancy list b. Infant death price c. People rate of growth d. Most of the significantly more than Answer: A good 95. The fresh Multidimensional Poverty List was developed from the a great. The latest UNDP b. Oxford HDI c. This new UNO d. Morris D Morris Address: B 96. And this away from following the is not some MPI? Wellness b. Studies c. Career d. Quality lifestyle Respond to: C 97. Hence of after the is not an indicator to measure MPI? Power b. Nourishment c.

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