The author has stated that Riza possess wide shoulders off her military education and flared pelvis right for the woman decades

Riza Hawkeye (????????, Riza Hokuai) is an excellent lieutenant regarding the Amestrian State Military also the personal adjutant and you may bodyguard off Colonel Roy Mustang. A good sharpshooter and you may weapons pro, Lt. Hawkeye was a valuable house into Colonel both in place of work and on the brand new battleground and you will serves as their closest and more than supporting using.

Physical appearance

Riza Hawkeye is a woman within her mid-to-late twenties having a moderately muscular and you can curvaceous create, blonde hair one are at the center of their back and brownish eyes.

If you are she’s come recognized to don the woman hair off, on the job Riza wears it fastened up on right back having a video barrette in a composition one to is similar to a good bird end. The girl fucks fall in an excellent hawk’s wing pattern off directly to remaining, sometimes partly obscuring this lady kept vision. Even when she had worn this lady tresses brief in her teens and you may during her period from inside the Ishval, she began and can develop call at 1910 immediately after to be familiar with that have Winry Rockbell. All of their ears is pierced that have a silver stud and you may, during disguise, Riza might have been known to wear fake specs. Riza seem to wears a black, short-sleeved turtleneck lower than the lady army uniform and often whilst in informal top too. Even though Riza keeps indexed (from inside the Prime Guidebook 2) you to definitely dresses maximum course as they are not anticipate for the an excellent army place of work, while in civilian clothes, Riza is mostly found in long skirts and footwear.

Throughout the manga and you can 2009 anime, she’s an enormous and you may ornate tat which takes care of most this lady right back which have large parts of it completely blurry of the shed markings. She usually wears attire designed for cover up the newest tat.


Riza is a peaceful, collected lady, that have a life threatening but polite demeanor. Hawkeye try viewed by the their colleagues as the make of a beneficial prime soldier; purely controlled and incredibly mental, she hardly relaxes whenever practical and is usually tasked which have staying their associates on the right track. In the event regarding additional she might seem rigorous, rigid, plus a small mean, Hawkeye is not as cold and faraway once the she can happen. Those near to her remember that there clearly was a great deal more to the woman than her no-rubbish thoughts; below this lady elite group aura was a sort soul just who understands new complications from holding a heavy weight.

Riza’s mellow front side renders in itself identified thanks to her interactions that have more youthful letters, for instance the Elric brothers and you will Winry Rockbell , therefore isn’t unusual observe their behaving sweetly on the their pets Shiba Inu,

It may be inferred that Riza and additionally altered along side decades; in her children, she seemed to were instead timid and idealistic regarding globe as a whole. Broadening upwards at their dad’s household, she most likely knowledgeable a protected style of childhood. Once signing up for brand new military, her enjoy from inside the Ishval destroyed the lady younger idealism and turned the woman to your almost stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. Hawkeye is provided on the battle having a tremendous often, sufficiently strong enough in order to shoulder the brand new hefty shame she voluntarily contains, and you can uses this inspiration to face alongside and you will support Mustang on the hopes you to generations to come will remain clear of the horrors out-of something like Ishval. Reticent, she does not chat unnecessarily or display the woman thinking usually as a consequence of conditions, however, shows the lady most of the woman thoughts because of nonverbal correspondence, with trademark evident appears and you may unusual, simple grins.

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The woman profile suggests a mixture between an effective tortured woman in search of redemption she seems was unreachable, and you may a resigned anticipate out-of past errors and their effects. Hawkeye learns of Ishval to simply accept obligations on her behalf methods herself, as opposed to setting fault or burden into various other. She identifies she need to sacrifice her own glee and you will morale and still filthy her hand that have bloodstream as the a good soldier in the buy to carry peace to the people. Despite the emotional issues inside against this lady mistakes, she learns to college by herself and her thoughts once the personal battles, brushing off the question off someone else, always affect sadness or bodily serious pain with a hard upper lip.

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